Red Pesto - Translating people's needs

Red Pesto has been empowering its clients by translating their needs into software since 2003.

We have an established structure in which we collaborate closely with our clients to develop tools that help them daily. We are fortunate to have formed some great, long-lasting client relationships.

We believe in delivering simple solutions that we can iterate quickly. Our aim is to deliver solid code with a strong foundation that we can grow with ease while putting users at the heart of the equation.

Why work with us?


Simple yet well engineered, our solutions are built from bottom up to match your needs closely.


By listening to our customers, we can understand their industry needs and deliver intelligent solutions.


We are forward thinking, and we believe in building long-lasting solutions that can evolve with your business over time, bringing new technology to existing business processes with minimum disruption.


Our view is that we are in the business of providing happiness. We develop streamlined solutions that simplify your processes, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.

What do we do?


Elsieapp our management software, allows staff members at the top language school in the UK to do their jobs efficiently while coordinating with their colleagues. This helps all users focus on doing their jobs and enables the management team to access key data, thus driving the business.


We build custom websites, web apps and bespoke solutions that are easy to manage, offer high performance levels and deliver results.